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Its always intriguing to put your name into a search engine and see what transpires, so here are some alternate John Bray's round the world

I'm grateful that John Bray Discos of Worcester don't yet have an Internet presence, and John Bray Menswear of Jermyn Street have closed. I now know why I've a park named after me near Brisbane.

The park is situated in Pine Rivers Shire, part of the urban sprawl
making the Northern Suburbs of greater Brisbane. The suburb name is Bray
Park as well as the park and Railway Station. I regret to inform that it
is fairly monotonous suburbia.

The Bray family were pioneers of the Pine Rivers district and were
active in Local Government politics. John Bray was probably a Shire
chairman,hence the honour of having a park named after him.

Most of the Bray family in this part of Australia are descended from
Devonian stock. My great grandfather, John Bray, was born in 1840 in
Knowstone , which is near South Moulton. My father came to Australia as
a child migrant in 1928, aged 15 years.